Miss Sue Nice...

Growing up in the 70s in a TV friendly home with the myriad of disco acts on daytime television programs, I found myself mesmerized with the whimsical costumes worn by the funk and disco acts if the era. The sparkles, the colors, the abstract nature of it all! Showgirls, images of bawdy, curvaceous saloon girls, Liberace!

OH! What a magnificent decade! The costumes were magical!

I spent hours daydreaming of how I was going to actually make some of these costumes for myself on Halloween... how was I only going to pick ONE?! I loved them all so much.

A summer job in a costume shop lead me to discover corsetry... by the time the season wrapped up, corsets captured me. I was hooked and was absolutely determined to figure out how they work and how to craft them. Coming from a line of brilliant engineers, I was blessed with an understanding of how corsets were constructed, and how they can be crafted to fit each unique body. With that, my childhood fascination was realized.

Nearly 20 years later, I've worked with the burlesque, fetish, bridal, TG, film and TV communities and countless personal orders for custom corset designs of every type.

-- Sue   

A Sue Nice Corset