Let the corset lift and shape your bust and reveal the stunning neckline you've always wanted.



When it comes down to it, shaping the waist is what a good corset does best. The perfect V



The magic is in the lacing. Gently shaping your body into the perfect hourglass.

Long Line Overbust

The Long Line Overbust. Checkmate.

Surprise everyone and own the world. The long line overbust style ranges from intimate to something for an evening out. You'll always be in control... Ask Sue about the Long Line Overbust

Few things are sweeter than candy This Valentine is...

Sweets for the sweet Ask Sue about the Valentine



The Overbust. Mind blowing.

Glamourous and inviting. The overbust is what comes to mind when most think corset. Ask Sue about the Overbust

Oh So Classic. Style, personified.

Glamour doesn't need to be over the top. The Classic Garter Corset never goes out of style Ask Sue about the Classic Garter

Classic Garter

Simple Trainer

Oh yeah, it's that good. The simple trainer.

Simple may be in the name, but there's nothing simple here. From basic to spectacular... Ask Sue about the Simple Trainer